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Elective home education

Parents and carers have a legal responsibility to make sure that their children receive an education. They may choose to educate their children at home rather than at school. The law makes the Local Authority (Bedford Borough Council) responsible for ensuring the education given to children at home is suitable.

Elective Home Education (EHE)

Home education is an option that any family may consider for their children. The reasons for deciding on this approach are many, as are the styles of education undertaken. For some families it is a decision based on their philosophical, spiritual or religious outlook, for others it is to meet the specific needs of a child or children. It may be because of dissatisfaction with “the system” or used as a short-term intervention for a particular reason. Whatever the circumstances the local authority aims to support parents in their choice.

The EHE Officer is - David Roberts

To contact him call 01234 276809 or email

For examples of forms you can self complete, please see the bottom of this page

Support for parents or carers

Here are some of the ways the Elective Home Education Officer can support parents or carers if they are considering home education as an option:

  • How to deregister your child from school
  • Advice on different approaches and ensuring that your child receives an education suitable for their age, aptitude and ability
  • Particular advice on contacts around issues of special educational needs eg SEND Advice contacts, information on requesting an assessment of needs, careers and counselling contacts
  • Reports may be provided to support parental appeals eg Admissions or College entry;
  • Personal or telephone contact to discuss issues at any time
  • General advice about the different ways families home educate in Bedford Borough

Elective Home Education Policy

In 2015 the Bedford Borough Elective Home Education Team, along with a focus group of home educators in Bedford Borough re-wrote the Elective Home Education Policy, please see the link below for the EHE Policy, at the end of the documents is a list of useful websites for home educators.

PLACE Programme

The PLACE Scheme (Parent-Led and Community-Based Education) is a Bedford Borough commissioned service to support families who choose to engage in home based learning.

PLACE is a Bedford Local Authority support service for home educating families managed by Biddenham International School and Sports College. To be eligible for the scheme, children should be on the elective home education (EHE) register of the local authority in which they live.

The PLACE Programme provides significant support for PLACE-registered GCSE students, including part-time specialist support for a number of GCSE subjects and entrance for public examinations.

PLACE also runs a busy enrichment programme for enrolled youngsters from approximately ages four to sixteen and, in addition, provides measures of help and expertise with special needs issues through its partner school.

For further information please contact June McDonald PLACE Co-Ordinator.

Locally based groups, support and websites

Bedford College working with Elective Home Educators believe it’s important for all young people and adults in our community to be given equal opportunities to develop and use their skills and talents. They are delighted to be working with a growing number of families who electively home educate to provide an introduction to some of the support services available to your children at Bedford College, Shuttleworth College and The Bedford Sixth Form.

The Culture Challenge aims to increase the number of young people accessing, enjoying and making great art and culture through providing clear details of cultural providers in your local area. We serve to strengthen the cultural landscape here by building today’s audiences and tomorrow’s creative people.

National Networks for Collaborative Outreach aims to reach all educators in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. It will provide a single point of contact to help educators, teachers and advisors find out about higher education outreach activity in the area and provide general advice about progression into higher education.

As well as working with educators, local schools and colleges it will also work with local authorities and business organisations to develop initiatives directed at employability.

National websites

Questions and answers on Elective Home Education

We have put together a list of questions and answers that may help answer some of the questions you may have - see our Q and A page on Elective Home Education.

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