Digital help

We understand that not everyone is sure of how to do some things digitally. You might like some support and guidance that will help you carry out tasks online.

We want to help you:

  • do more online - access Council services easily through our online forms
  • stay informed about your local area and find the information you need at any time
  • improve your digital skills and stay safe online

Below is a range of services that can help.

Help with translating or reading our webpages out loud  

Our website has a feature called Reachdeck - the orange circle icon which is bottom left of the screen, that will: 

  • read webpages aloud
  • highlight words as they are read out loud
  • translate webpages into another language

If you need more help online

If you need help to carry out a task online, we may be able to offer you a face-to-face digital assistance appointment at our Customer Service Centre in Bedford Town Centre.

Go to our contact us page to find out more.

Helping you get online

Digital support at your local library

Bedford Borough libraries have free computers and Wi-Fi you can connect to, to do many tasks like applying for a school place, check your bin day or register to vote.

It’s free to become a library member and of course, being a member allows you to borrow books, magazines and explore lots of digital resources.

Discover the opening hours and locations of libraries in Bedford, Bromham, Kempston, Putnoe and Wootton.

Digital support at the Jobs Hub

The Jobs Hub team help Bedford Borough residents into employment, education and training. They also provide access to computers and free Wi-Fi to help you with this.

Find out the opening hours, address and contact details.

Helping you become more confident online

Speech, reading and language translation on our website

Our website has a tool called ‘ReachDeck’ which is available for anyone who needs help with reading or language translation.

On every page, you will find an orange circle with a speaker icon inside it. When clicked, a black toolbar will appear at the top of the webpage you are on.

Hover over the buttons inside this toolbar to view what the buttons can do, then click on the button you need. ReachDeck will start to read, allowing you to listen to the information on the page you are on, or translate the page to a language you have selected.

To use this tool, go to the page you wish to visit and click on the button.

You will need to visit our website on a desktop computer to use it. It is not available to use if you’re visiting the website on a phone or a tablet.

Improve your digital skills

Learn My Way has free courses for you to learn digital skills, stay safe and connected.

You can do it is a scheme run by Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity that aims to help people gain confidence in accessing online services so they can do things like book GP appointments, order prescriptions, join an activity group, shop, bank, and make video calls

IMPAKT Housing & Support (formerly YMCA Bedfordshire) is an independent housing association based in Bedford. Impakt offer their clients and volunteers access to computers and coaching in basic IT skills. 

Stay safe online

Staying safe online is important. The following websites have some short information videos about using email, the internet, mobile phones and staying safe online.

  • BBC Webwise
  • Age UK is a great source of information for older people who are already online but want to boost their confidence.

Help adjusting your personal device

My Computer My Way is your step-by-step guide to individual adjustments you can make to your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone to make it easier to use.

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