Historic areas and buildings

Bedford Borough has many fine areas and buildings distinguished by their architecture, landscape and history, which creates an attractive and rich environment.

Conservation areas

Conservation areas give additional protection to an area of special historical value and architectural interest by restricting what development can be carried out.

Development proposals within a conservation area have to preserve or enhance the character of that area.

Please see our Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on shopfronts and advertisements in conservation areas (PDF).

Read our guide on appropriate maintenance and repair in conservation areas (PDF).

You can also see our Heritage Advice page for more details on householder developments in conservation areas.

Please refer to step 4 on our planning enquiries page if you would like formal advice on potential development in conversation areas. Please note there is a fee for this service.

Maps of conservation areas within Bedford Borough

These maps are in PDF format:

Conservation Area Appraisals

A Conservation Area Appraisal defines the special nature and distinctiveness of the area in order to enable well-founded decisions to be made about its future management.

It looks at the historical development of the area, historic buildings, spaces and structures still present and any issues which may affect its future preservation.

The appraisal is then used to produce a management plan which sets out the measures required to safeguard the future preservation of the character of the conservation area.

Those areas with current Conservation Area Appraisals and management plans are listed below (all documents are in PDF format):

Bedford conservation area management plan

Other conservation area appraisals and management plans

Listed buildings

A listed building is one that is given additional protection from development and alterations because of its special architectural or historic interest.

Search the National Heritage List for England to see which buildings are listed.

Visit Historic England to read more about listing buildings, including the types of work which can be carried out and the consent needed.