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Paid for heritage planning advice

Bedford Borough Council charges for the following historic environment services:

  • Pre-application advice for development proposals with the potential to affect heritage assets and their settings including:
    • archaeological remains
    • scheduled monuments
    • registered park and gardens
    • conservation areas and listed buildings
  • Consultation of the Historic Environment Record (HER) for commercial users
  • Setting requirements for, and quality control checking of, archaeological work, including providing written briefs outlining the scope of necessary work and monitoring by the Planning Department

Why do I need advice?

Heritage assets are sensitive to change so certain types of development or alteration may not be supported by the Historic Environment Team.

If your development proposal could affect a heritage asset, directly or indirectly, please ask us for advice before making an application so that a forthcoming application based upon our advice can be supported by the Historic Environment Team.

Heritage statement

A heritage statement is an assessment of the significance of heritage assets that may be affected by a development, including any contribution made to this significance by their setting, and the likely impacts of development upon this significance.

You must submit a heritage statement with your planning or listed building consent application if a heritage asset could be affected by your proposal.

You may also need to submit the results of an archaeological evaluation. Consulting the Historic Environment Record (HER) will reveal if any heritage assets are on, or next to, the development site.

You can also consult the Archaeology Team for advice on the archaeological potential of the site.

Visit Historic England for guidance on writing a heritage statement.

See our list of what to include in a heritage statement

Pay for historic environment pre-application planning advice

See our page on whether you need planning permission for how to submit a pre-application planning enquiry.

See our pre-application planning advice fee list (PDF) for pre-application charges. A detailed pre-application enquiry will include responses from the Historic Environment Team.

HER information and archaeological advice

There are separate charges for using and obtaining data from the Historic Environment Record (HER) and for providing archaeological advice (beyond that given as part of the pre-application planning enquiry response).

This further archaeological advice includes setting the requirements for and quality control checking of archaeological work, including providing written briefs outlining the scope of necessary work and monitoring by Planning.

See our Archaeology charging schedule (PDF)

Contact the Archaeology Team at: for HER data or further archaeological advice.

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