Enjoying our trees

Across the Borough, thousands of trees add to Bedford’s unique character and are the building blocks for our environment.

Trees help us in lots of ways, by improving our air, providing us with shade, bringing communities together, boosting biodiversity, reducing flooding, helping our mental health and adding to our economy.

Road with large trees on each side

Bedford Borough Council works hard to manage the Borough's trees and to help make it a nicer place by planting more.

Planting trees is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some fresh air, exercise and leave a lasting mark on your local environment.

We regularly hold volunteer tree planting days through the planting season at sites across the Borough. Keep an eye on our community volunteering page for volunteering opportunities. You don’t need any experience as we will start the day with a planting tutorial.

Interested in sponsoring a tree, then visit our memorials and sponsorship page.

The Big Tree Giveaway

This year's Big Tree Giveaway starts on 21 February. 5000 trees are being offered to residents, community groups, schools and local business to plant within the Borough.

Tree trails

Our parks and open spaces have some beautiful trees, so come and enjoy some fresh air and take a stroll around one of our fabulous parks.

We currently have tree trails in Bedford Park, Addison Howard Park and Jubilee Park with more on the way. Tree trails are a great way to learn a bit about some of our parks and the most significant trees.

Tree projects

Blossom Circle and Sakura Cherry Tree Project

Bedford Borough's National Trust Blossom Circle in Bowhill Park is a wonderful place to commemorate those lost to the Covid-19 pandemic and remember the sacrifices we all made. Bowhill Park is also a beautiful attraction in the spring that reminds us of new life each year.

The Sakura Cherry Tree Project marks 150 years of Japan-UK friendship. The project was launched by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and then Prime Minister Theresa May, and has donated trees to Jubilee Park to celebrate the beautiful blossom famously produced by Japan's trees for years to come.

Community orchards

There are community orchards in Mowsbury Hill Fort, Parkwood, Brown’s wood, Queen’s Park near Woodstock Road, Eastcotts Road and Lancaster Road that will provide a great habitat for wildlife and delicious fruits for residents in the autumn.

Miyawaki Forest

On Longholme Way a Miyawaki Forest has been planted in winter 2022 with our partners: the Forest of Marston Vale, Rotary Club of Bedford and Cranfield University. These forests of densely planted native trees grow at an increased rate, capturing more carbon and providing a habitat for wildlife more quickly than usual planting.

Day out in the woods?

Bedford Borough is fortunate enough to have beautiful woodland nearby, some of these are ancient semi-natural woodlands. These include Putnoe Wood, Clapham Park wood, Berry wood, Browns wood, Yelnow wood and Dog Field. For more publicly accessible woods, visit our partner The Forest of Marston Vale. Visit Nature Reserves for more information.