Grass cutting

We cut grass on Council-owned land between March and October according to our schedule. 

We are not responsible for cutting the grass on privately-owned land (including land owned by housing associations such as bpha), or developments not yet adopted by us. Please report grass cutting issues on private land direct to the owners.

How often we cut grass

Grass is cut at various frequencies depending on the nature and use of the site, for example, meadows are usually cut less often than grass verges.

Grass growth is dependent on weather conditions and there are times when it will grow quicker than others. Schedules may vary in extreme weather conditions.

Reasons the grass has not been cut

A number of factors are taken into account when developing the grounds maintenance schedules and it is reviewed regularly. Some people prefer grass to be cut frequently whilst others would prefer it is left longer to enhance the environment and support biodiversity. 

Sometimes we aren’t able to cut grass on a verge due to:

  • parked vehicles or wheelie bins
  • daffodils which cannot be cut until June
  • dedicated wildlife/flower verge

We do not collect cut grass but we do clear it from footpaths using leaf blowers. The grass mulches down and is good for the soil.

If we've missed an area of grass on Council-owned land

If you notice grass on land owned by the Council hasn't been cut for a while, it's likely we are due to cut it soon. However, if you think that it may have been missed, please report it using the form below.

Report a grass maintenance problem