Street sweeping

Our team regularly clean all the streets, car parks and town centres to keep Bedford Borough clean and safe. They start their working day cleaning busy areas, such as town centres, local shopping precincts and parades.

We also target local litter ‘hot spots’, such as walking routes between local shops and school gates.

We operate a rolling programme which we regularly review to ensure the remaining roads and residential streets in your neighbourhood are clean and safe. All concerns raised are reviewed and if it does not fall below the levels of expected cleanliness and does not warrant a specific journey then it will be addressed and picked up in the rolling programme.

Report / request online

You can use the forms below to request street cleaning or report fallen leaves, it should take no more than 3 to 4 minutes.

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Find out how a Council Services account can make it quicker and easier the next time you want to submit a report or request.  

Street cleaning

If your street becomes messy or dirty between scheduled cleanings, please tell us. 

Use the button to request as a guest:

Request street cleaning

Alternatively, login to / register for a Council Services account to request street cleaning.

Fallen leaves 

October to January is a busy time when we clear a lot of fallen leaves. During this time, we clear from public areas only and where there is a need to remove a build-up.

Report fallen leaves if they are likely to cause a problem like a slip hazard in these public areas. 

Use the button to report as a guest:

Report fallen leaves

Alternatively, login to / register for a Council Services account to report fallen leaves.