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Street cleansing

Our team regularly clean all the streets, car parks and the town centre to keep Bedford Borough clean and safe. They start their working day cleaning busy areas, such as town centres, local shopping precincts and parades. We also target local litter ‘hot spots’, such as walking routes between local shops and school gates.

Street cleaning

We aim to visit and clean the remaining roads and residential streets in your neighbourhood every six to eight weeks to keep Bedford Borough clean and safe.

If your street becomes messy or littered between scheduled cleanings, please tell us. 

Request street cleansing

Fallen leaves 

October to January is a busy time when we clear a lot of fallen leaves. During this time, we clear from public areas only and where there is a need to remove a build-up.

Report fallen leaves if they are likely to cause a problem like a slip hazard in these public areas. 

Report fallen leaves

Damaged park facilities

If you see damages to any Council park facility, then you can report it here.

Report damaged park facilities by email or telephone 01234 718099.

General information requests, complaints and compliments

Our teams work hard to keep Bedford Borough clean. You can contact them to ask them about:

  • how they keep our community clean and other general information request
  • complain about a service
  • give them a compliment on a job well done

You can get in contact by email or telephone 01234 718099.