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Littering and bins

Litter bins are emptied at different frequencies depending on their locations.

We empty the majority of our litter bins weekly, and dog bins fortnightly. Town centre litter bins are emptied at least twice a day (including Saturdays and Sundays) and those by local shops are usually emptied on a daily basis. 

We issue a fixed penalty notice of £100 in the first instance to those caught littering. 

If you see litter, or a bin which has been damaged or is overflowing with rubbish please tell us so we can respond.

We do not collect litter from private land.

To report:

  • littering
  • overflowing street bin 
  • damaged street bin

Use the following:

We are responsible for installing, maintaining and emptying 1,800 litter, dog, layby and dual recycling bins throughout Bedford Borough to support a clean and safe environment to live and work in.