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Graffiti and fly-posting


Graffiti includes painting, writing, soiling, marking and defacing property. 

Damaging property with graffiti is a criminal offence. You can be fined with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100.

If you see graffiti on a telephone box, please report damage on payphones to BT.

To report graffiti, use the online form:

Report graffiti 


Fly-posting is the unauthorised placing of advertising – usually signs, posters or stickers – on property without the permission of the Council or owner. 

It’s our responsibility to remove fly posters from public buildings, street furniture and monuments. We can remove fly-posting from your property but there may be a charge.

If you are found to be responsible for an act of flyposting then we can issue you with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100.

Report Fly-posting by calling 01234 718060.

We are unable to remove graffiti/fly-posting from:

  • heights or where specialist training or equipment is needed
  • from surfaces where its removal would cause further damage