Report an abandoned vehicle

In 2023 we received 771 reports of vehicles being abandoned. We investigated all these reports and 97.5% did not meet the criteria of an abandoned vehicle and were not removed.

We will usually consider a vehicle as potentially being abandoned if it has no road tax and no valid MOT and also meets one of the criteria below:

  • It has not been moved for at least two weeks.
  • It is in poor condition and/or is damaged.
  • It is unlocked.

Every case is different, but as a rule the Council will not consider taxed vehicles or vehicles that have recently passed an MOT to be abandoned unless they are significantly damaged or of no value. If a vehicle is being driven or regularly moves it cannot be abandoned and we will not investigate it.  

Due to the large number of reports received it is not always possible to provide an update on why we will not investigate a vehicle reported as being abandoned.

Before you report an abandoned vehicle

Before you report an abandoned vehicle there are steps you must take to ensure it really is abandoned:

Check whether it has an MOT and tax

Simply enter the vehicle's details on the GOV.UK's online form below: 

Check vehicle MOT and tax status

If the vehicle is taxed, has a valid MOT and has no visible damage

Please do not report it to us as it is highly unlikely we would be able to remove it. Reporting vehicles not classified as abandoned wastes our officers' time as well as your own.

If the vehicle is untaxed, has a valid MOT and has no visible damage

Please report it to the DVLA. The DVLA is the only authority with the powers to remove untaxed vehicles from the public highway.

Report an untaxed vehicle to the DVLA

Is it actually nuisance or illegal parking?

It may be that the vehicle is not abandoned but has been parked illegally or the way is is parked is causing you a problem. Please go to our illegally parked vehicles page for more information on what can be done.

Report an abandoned vehicle

If, after you have carried out the previous steps, you are confident the vehicle can be classed as abandoned please report it to using the online form below, it should take no more than 3 to 4 minutes. 

We strongly recommend you use the photo upload function in the form as this helps us to identify the vehicle location.

By submitting the form you agree that you have read and accepted how we process your personal data

Use the button to report as a guest:

Report an abandoned vehicle

Alternatively, login to / register for a Council Services account to report an abandoned vehicle.

What happens after you report an abandoned vehicle

A vehicle removed due to being abandoned will, depending on its value, either be disposed of or stored. 

A Notice will either be sent to the registered keeper and/or attached to the vehicle stating the Notice period.

If a vehicle is stored it will be held for 7 days. If it is not claimed within that time it will be disposed of.