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Abandoned or unwanted vehicles

Report an abandoned vehicle

Abandoning a vehicle is a criminal offence which carries a maximum fine of £2,500 or three months' imprisonment.

Before you report an abandoned vehicle please check whether it has an MOT and tax. If the vehicle is taxed, has a valid MOT and is not damaged we may not be able to investigate it as an abandoned vehicle. If your concern relates to nuisance parking more information can be found here.

Report an abandoned vehicle 

Please attach a photograph to your report if you can. This is useful if you do not have all the information required.

A vehicle removed due to being abandoned will, depending on its value, either be disposed of or stored. 

A Notice will either be sent to the registered keeper and/or attached to the vehicle stating the Notice period.

If a vehicle is stored it will be held for 7 days. If it is not claimed within that time it will be disposed of.

Reclaim an abandoned vehicle

If you believe your vehicle has been removed by the Council as an abandoned vehicle, we will write to inform you that your vehicle has been impounded. You then have seven days to recover it. 

Call 01234 718060 or email as soon as possible and make sure you have full details of the vehicle. We will then meet with you to confirm ownership.

There will be a cost to you to recover your vehicle and you will need to provide the following:

  • Registration document (V5 log book) showing you are the registered keeper. If you are not the registered keeper of the vehicle or have purchased it recently, you may need to contact a solicitor and obtain a sworn affidavit before you can recover the vehicle.
  • A valid form of identification ie a passport, driving licence, rent book or bank statement

Unwanted vehicles

The Council can remove and dispose of your unwanted vehicles (including caravans). We charge for this service and you must be able to provide proof of ownership for the vehicle being removed.

Please email for more information.