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Funerals, burials and cremations

In Bedford Borough we offer two sites for burial and cremation. Norse Road, and Foster Hill Cemetery. The information below will give you further information about both sites and fees. 




Conducted tours

We are always ready to give conducted tours of the Crematorium and Cemetery. These tours can be for organisations or individuals.

Simply telephone the cemetery office on (01234) 718150 or email to make an appointment.

Saturday burials (trial) 

From January 2019, Bereavement Services and Grounds Maintenance have been undertaking a trial to allow for burials to take place on a Saturday between 10am and 2pm. It is open to all users of the service who request a burial.

We can only accommodate one earth burial and potentially one burial into a chamber/mausoleum depending on times booked.

The office will not be open and we cannot accommodate burials of cremated remains, scatterings, or any cremation services on a Saturday.

Memorial inspection programme 

As part of our duty to ensure a safe environment for staff and visitors, a memorial inspection programme started in 2012, on all headstones at Foster Hill Road and Norse Road Cemeteries as well as the closed graveyards that Bedford Borough Council is responsible for. This programme identifies memorials that are in need of repair and continues on an ongoing yearly basis.

Funeral ash scattering 

Further information about funeral ash scattering in Bedford Borough

Reporting issues in our closed cemeteries

We inspect all the memorials in our closed cemeteries and make sure they are safe on a routine basis and check that no vandalism has occurred. If at any time you would like to raise concerns, report vandalism, or have questions regarding our closed cemeteries across Bedford Borough please do not hesitate to contact us on:  

Tel: 01234 718150 or Email: