Funerals without a funeral director

A funeral can be arranged without a funeral director. There are a number of options you can explore when trying to arrange a funeral. One option is to arrange an independent funeral.

Independent funerals

An independent or personalised funeral is a funeral that is organised by the bereaved without a funeral director. More information on how to arrange services for an independent funeral can be found in the Charter for the Bereaved.

The role of funeral directors

A funeral director organises services such as embalming, collecting, moving and viewing the deceased, providing a coffin, hearse and other elements.

Some people choose not to use a funeral director as they:

  • do not want to pass the body to a stranger
  • feel managing and personalising the funeral is a more fitting tribute
  • feel it is more cost effective

Funeral facilitators

If you choose an independent funeral you can get help with some services from a funeral facilitator.

A funeral facilitator is a term sometimes used to describe the person or people who help arrange the funeral on behalf of the family. It is a generic term for those people who are not directly employed by funeral directors but who assist families with arranging funerals. 

The funeral facilitator may assist with certain services such as offering their vehicle to carry the coffin and handling of the body, they may also offer body preparation services.

Charter of the bereaved – your rights

It is your right to:

  • organise a funeral without the use of a funeral director
  • as executor (or next of kin) to be given the body by a mortuary, hospital, etc. in order to carry out a funeral without a Funeral Director
  • to obtain information from your Charter member on how to obtain a coffin (minimum biodegradable type)
  • to obtain a family arranged funeral leaflet from Norse Road Crematorium describing how to arrange such a funeral

If you have any questions about arranging a funeral without a funeral director, please email