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Council Tax support

Find out more about the Council Tax Reduction Scheme and how this could affect you.

Who can get Council Tax support?

Council Tax Support can only be awarded where the Council Taxpayer make an application and qualifies for a discount.  Anyone who has to pay Council Tax can apply for Council Tax Support. The amount of help you can get depends on your income, capital and family makeup.

To find how much support you might be entitled to and to apply 

How much Council Tax you will pay

Bedford Borough Council's local scheme continues to give up to 100% support with the cost of Council Tax to those households on the lowest income.  When you apply for Council Tax Support the Council will work out how much help you are entitled to and send you a new bill if you qualify for help. Once you receive Council Tax Support you will be sent a bill each year in March which will tell you how much Council Tax you have to pay.

If you move during the year you will receive a new bill shortly after you have advised us of your change of address.

If your circumstances change

You must tell the Council straight away if your circumstances change.  For example if you move, someone leaves or joins your household or your income or savings change.  If you don't tell the Council about a change and continue to receive a discount you are not entitled to you could be asked to pay a penalty or, for serious offences, be taken to court and charged with fraud.

Report change of circumstances council tax support 

How to pay

The easiest way to pay you Council Tax is to set up a direct debit. For details visit our How to pay your Council Tax bill page.

Alternatively you can use our online facility to pay your Council Tax. 

Pay your Council Tax online

If you think the support you are getting is wrong

If you think the calculation is wrong, you can ask us to check it again. If you still disagree after we have checked it, you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal who will consider your appeal.

You cannot appeal to the Valuation Tribunal on the grounds that you disagree with our scheme.

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax

If you are worried about not being able to pay, please contact us as soon as possible.