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Community centres and facilities

Community centres provide a meeting place and base for activities for local people. Often at the heart of local areas, community centres provide a place to meet, hold social, cultural and educational activities for all ages and a place for people to get involved in the community’s life. 

The aim is to improve people’s quality of life by contributing to the social, physical, economic, educational and environmental well-being of the community.

Reductions in government funding mean that savings of £27 million have to be made from the Council’s budget, on top of £90 million already achieved. In order to provide a sustainable future for the Council’s community centres, proposals have been put forward for ownership and delivery of them to be transferred to community groups, local entrepreneurs or businesses independent of the Council.

Two community centres are no longer under Council ownership with further centres having potential for transfer in the future. The centres that are no longer under Council ownership are Brickhill Community Centre and Church Lane Community Centre.

Bedford Borough Council currently provides seven community centre facilities in Bedford and Kempston, with two additional community centres provided by other organisations.

  • Cauldwell Community Centre, Althorpe Street, Bedford, MK42 9HF
  • Faraday Community Centre, Kelvin Avenue, Bedford, MK42 9ND
  • Jubilation Community Centre, Moulton Avenue, Bedford, MK42 0JB
  • Queens Park Community Centre, Marlborough Road, Bedford, MK40 4LG
  • Scott Hall Community Centre, Barford Avenue, Bedford, MK42 0DS
  • Southfields Community Centre, Southfields Road, Kempston, MK42 7NR
  • Tavistock Community Centre, Princes Street, Bedford, MK40 2SX
  • Brickhill Community Centre, 24 Avon Drive, Bedford, MK41 7AF
  • Church Lane Community Centre, 147 Church Lane, Bedford, MK41 0PW

The Council community centres are run by voluntary management committees who are responsible for all aspects of centre management. As facilities can vary for each community centre, please visit the individual community centre’s page for further details on its facilities or making enquires with the centre.