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Community centres and facilities

Bedford Borough Council currently provides eight community centre facilities in Bedford.

Facilities vary, and depend mainly on the size of the community centre.

The majority of centres are buildings owned by the Borough Council but two are leased by the Council from the local Diocese. Although the Council owns the buildings, the community centres are run entirely by voluntary management committees who are solely responsible for all aspects of centre management including income generation. 

The management committees also work hard to improve facilities at their centres by applying to outside bodies for grant aid for items such as new flooring, kitchen or garden improvements.

Community centres provide a meeting place and base for activities for local people.

Often at the heart of local areas, community centres provide a place to meet, hold social, cultural and educational activities for all ages and a place for people to get involved in the community’s life.  

The aim is to improve people’s quality of life by contributing to the social, physical, economic, educational and environmental well being of the community.

The benefits of community centres include:

  • providing the opportunity for people to be involved in a wide range of learning, social and physical activities
  • promoting individual and community involvement and well being
  • promoting social inclusion for people with difficulties which prevent them becoming involved
  • providing opportunities for the community to meet and mix
  • supporting the local management of services

Community centre associations are made up of local volunteers who help to run the centre and everything that is organised there. They try to identify the needs of their local communities and  respond to those needs directly or in partnership with other organisations and agencies.

If you would be interested in joining the Management Committee for any of the above Community Centres, please contact Bedford Borough Council on 01234 276216 or 01234 276215 or email us.