Mental health

East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) provides mental health and associated services for Bedford Borough.

The services are:

  • Adult, older adult mental health and learning disability services
  • Adult rehabilitation and recovery services
  • Child and adolescent mental health services

Early intervention

The Early Intervention Team works with people between the ages of 16 to 35 years who have an incidence of a first psychosis. The aim is to work closely with GP practices and other referrers such as colleges to treat people at an early stage to prevent them developing long-term mental illness.

Assertive outreach

There is an Assertive Outreach Team based in Bedford. The role of the team is to work with people with long-term mental illness who have need of increased care and support. The team operates seven days a week. 

Crisis resolution

There is a county-wide Crisis and Home Treatment Team. The aim of the team is to offer alternatives to hospital admission to people in a crisis. The service operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day.   

Community mental health teams

These are multi-disciplinary teams that work both with people with long-term conditions and those who have shorter term mental health problems. A range of interventions are supplied from anxiety management to long-term support. The teams link into primary care and also assist in the discharge of patients from acute psychiatric units.   

Day care services

There is a range of health, social services and voluntary provision with close links between them. The services range from 'drop in' to vocational training and services to assist people into employment.  

Acute inpatient services

Acute beds are provided at Townsend Court in Dunstable.

How we measure standards

Services are monitored by a Partnership Management Group and the Mental Health Partnership Board, and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

See the Signs, Save a Life

See the Signs, Save a Life is a campaign to encourage awareness of how to support someone with suicidal thoughts and encourage us to talk openly about suicide.

The campaign runs jointly across Milton Keynes, Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Luton.

Suicidal feelings can affect anyone, of any age, gender or background, at any time.

Visit the Health and Wellbeing Hub to find out more information on how to support someone with suicidal thoughts.

Local services for residents of Bedford Borough

Please note that these are not crisis services, if you have serious concerns for the person do not leave them on their own and get urgent professional help from their GP, by calling 999 or taking them to the nearest Accident and Emergency Department.

Remember to make sure that you are safe and do not put yourself at risk.


A local mental health charity, with a positive and holistic approach to promoting mental wellbeing.


Tel: 0300 330 0648

Bedfordshire Adult Mental Health Services

If you, a friend or relative are experiencing mental health problems for the first time and need emergency treatment or advice during office hours, then you should contact your/their GP. They will be able to refer to the most appropriate mental health service in your area.