Adoption stories - Overview

BAME man and BAME toddler child

We asked some of our adoptive parents to tell you in their own words about their adoption journey. 

Everybody's adoption experience is unique so we hope you will find the one that speaks to you.

  • Chris and Lucy's adoption journey coincided with the coronavirus, but their chance to be a family was not delayed as social workers continued to progress their application and support them through every stage.
  • Emily and Adrian adopted two boys after being unsuccessful with IVF. Read how they feel "truly blessed" to have given two boys with difficult beginnings a loving, family home.
  • Mark and Daniel are a same-sex couple who adopted a young boy and praise our fair, non-judgemental and compassionate team of social workers.
  • Sarah and Jeremiah adopted a brother and sister of dual heritage. Infertility left them feeling hopeless but an initial phone call to our Adoption Team changed their lives and completed their family.
  • Sandra and Gary adopted a baby girl and found the adoption process went smoothly and the training course very helpful in preparing them for "parenting plus".

Quotes from our adoptive parents

1. "We adopted our first child five years ago, and our assessment was done through Bedford Borough Council. We had heard that the process was a long and intrusive one so we were prepared for the worst. However, the experience we had couldn’t have been more different. Once all the paperwork was out of the way in Stage One - which there was help available for - we started our at home interviews.

"Our social worker was funny, supportive and kind, and made the sessions so conversational and warm that we were able to share everything about our lives in a natural way - almost like therapy. It really put us at ease and felt like we were being understood. We are a same sex couple, but weren’t treated any differently at all. The focus was on who we were, and how we would be as parents - and was intensely child centred.

"The process is long, but we were made to feel supported during the periods in which you have to wait for others to do their parts. We felt prepared and supported for the panels where recommendations about us were made. 

"Post adoption support was excellent and Bedford supported us in challenging our son’s social workers where necessary, and there was a real sense of investment from them after our family was created, making sure we were all happy together. 

Our advice on adopting? Listen to your social worker, do tons of research on adopted children as it is different to a birth child - and Just go for it!"

2. "I’ve had a great adoption journey - the process isn’t easy, you have to reflect and be very open all the way through but it is not meant to be easy, it is preparing us for the most important job ever. I have felt very supported through the process all the way through and informed about what next to expect - without being overwhelmed. It is the most amazing thing to be a parent to my daughter, she is completely incredible and every day I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be her mum."

3. "We became a family! Bedford Borough Council helped us adopt two children. They gave us the chance to do the most important job in the world. Through the assessment process we learnt a lot about ourselves as well as the needs of children who are placed for adoption. Our social worker helped us prepare for this journey and has supported us whenever we’ve needed advice.

"Each day is full of joy, even the days that have their challenges. It is an amazing responsibility; you are not just parenting, you are parenting for a someone who cannot be there with their child. Our children are fantastic and it is a privilege having them in our lives."