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Information for foster carers

Foster carers can provide much needed stability and encouragement by working in partnership with schools and other children’s services to improve education attainment for children placed with them.

We are often asked by parents and carers how best to support the child in care's educational placement and how to maintain consistency in their learning, improving their chances at achieving their educational potential.

Parents and carers in partnership with the Virtual School, social workers and the educational placement can provide the stability required to support the child’s education. Parents and carers are required to attend all events and meetings within the child’s school calendar to demonstrate their support and commitment to the child’s learning such as PEP meetings, sports days and parent’s evenings.

How to support children and young people in their learning

  • Keeping schools informed of changes and emerging problems
  • Helping the young person to talk about any worries and speaking on their behalf when appropriate.
  • Helping the young person to voice their hopes for their future and ensuring these are communicated to school
  • Encouraging the young person to develop their talents and recognise their achievements no matter how small
  • Attending parents’ evenings and encouraging birth family’s involvement where appropriate
  • Supporting school policies (discipline, dress etc.)
  • Taking an interest in the activities of the school
  • Completing communication books such as homework diaries, reading records etc.
  • Supporting homework by reading with a child, offering advice and making sure set tasks are completed
  • Supporting school events
  • Ensuring awareness of the school’s calendar
  • Making sure you know the timetables and arrangements for exams and course work completion

Carers should provide an appropriate learning environment with:

  • A peaceful, comfortable place for study/homework
  • Time for study/homework
  • Books, pens, paper and other resources to support learning
  • Provide learning opportunities outside the home e.g. museums, library visits

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