Child missing education/possible missing children

The purpose of the Child Missing Education Procedures (2018) is to establish a set of principles which all agencies can subscribe to and is underpinned by Bedford’s Children and Young People’s Plan, to ensure that Bedford Borough Council:

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  • Is able to fulfil its statutory duty to provide an education for all children of compulsory school age;
  • Is able to locate, assess, monitor and track children and young people missing from education in order for them to reach their full potential;
  • Identifies those at risk of becoming missing from education and accordingly allocates appropriate staff to intervene. Maintains contact with those missing from education and those at risk of becoming so.
  • Is able to produce, monitor and evaluate data on CME for Elected Members and Senior Officers in Children’s Service.
  • Ensure their responsibility is to be carried out through a strategic and multi-agency framework where all agencies share information on the identification of children and young people missing education.

These procedures are an extension of current good practice with Bedford Borough Schools and the Local Authority.

Possible missing children/notification off roll referral

(This e-form is to be used by all schools in Bedford Borough only)

Possible missing child referral and off roll form

Children missing education referral

(This e-form is to be used by all agencies, other Local Authorities and the general public only)

Children missing education referral form (this form should not be used by Bedford Borough schools)