Childcare Sufficiency Report

We must make sure there is enough childcare in Bedford Borough to allow parents to work, or undertake education and training leading to work, as outlined in the Childcare Act 2006.

In support of this, we produce an annual report how we are meeting our duty to secure sufficient childcare and make this report available and accessible to parents.

  • For the latest report and childcare sufficiency information please contact Family Information Service.

The report should include:

  • a specific reference to how they are ensuring there is sufficient childcare available to meet the needs of:
    • disabled children
    • children from families in receipt of the childcare element of Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit
    • children aged two, three and four taking up early education places
    • school age children
    • children needing holiday care
  • information about the supply and demand of childcare for particular age ranges of children, and the affordability, accessibility and quality of provision
  • details of how any gaps in childcare provision will be addressed.

If you have any comments regarding the Childcare Sufficiency Report or comments in general regarding childcare in your area, then please contact Bedford Borough Family Information Service:

Freephone: 0800 023 2057