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Check the CIL charge

View CIL charging areas for a specific address by accessing the Borough Council's Online Maps.

Search maps

To use the maps you need to click on "I agree" to agree to the terms and conditions. There is a Community Infrastructure Levy option listed under Map Features. Click on "Map Features", or the Pin icon to access Map Features in the menu on the left hand side, then scroll through the options and tick the box next to Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Areas.

To find the CIL charge for your property, enter your address into the Address box, or drag the pin in the left hand menu to the location you are interested in, or zoom in. Clicking on the "i" icon and then left click the map provides the charge in £/sq.m

CIL indexation

Under the CIL Regulations CIL payments must be increased or decreased (index linked) to reflect changes in the costs of delivering infrastructure between the year that CIL was introduced to the year that planning permission is granted. The index we must use is the national All-in Tender Price Index published by the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS). This index has increased by 40% in the past six years and therefore the CIL payable on planning permissions granted in 2020 will be increased by this amount above the rates set out in the approved charging schedule.