Development planning (travel) - Overview

We are the highway authority for non-trunk roads in the north Bedfordshire area. Our Highways Development Control team's main functions are to:

  • Give advice to the Planning Development Management department as a statutory consultee on highway and sustainable transport implications
  • Deal with highway and sustainable transport aspects of pre-planning enquiries into potential development sites
  • Secure improvements to the highway associated with new development
  • Comment on the suitability of sites proposed for inclusion in Development Plans
  • Ensure that roads are constructed to standards suitable to be adopted
  • Carry out the road adoption process

We also:

  • Respond to land charge searches on Con 29 forms  
  • Respond to consultations on Goods Vehicle Operators Licence applications

For planning enquiries for sites on or near Trunk Roads' (the A1, the A421 and the A428 from the A1 to the county boundary) contact Highways England.

For highways and transport related enquiries that do not involve a planning application, see Transport and Streets.