Prior notifications

Below is a list of the most frequently used prior notifications forms by category.

How to guide 13 prior notifications

For more information about prior notifications please see our How to guides page and read guide 13.

Householder prior notifications

Permitted development rights allow for larger extensions to be built without the need for full planning permission.

Detached homes to extend up to 8 metres into the garden and all other homes to extend up to 6 metres into the garden. However, before building the extension, a prior notification is required so that the Council can notify your neighbours.

There is a fee of £96 for this notification.

Change of use to residential prior notifications

The Use Classes Order allows for changes of use to residential properties to take place without the need for full planning permission. However, there is still a requirement to submit information to the Council. Please see the forms below for full details.

The fee for these notifications is £96. For external alterations the fee is £206.

Change of use to a state funded school or registered nursery prior notifications

The fee for these notifications is £96.

Change of use to commercial prior notifications

The fee for this notification is £96

Other prior notifications

Temporary changes of use prior notification

There is also an option to temporarily change the use of a building from:

  • Retail (A1)
  • Financial/Professional service (A2)
  • Cafe/Restaurant (A3)
  • Drinking Establishment (A4)
  • Hot Food Take Away (A5)
  • Office (B1)
  • Non-residential Institution (D1)
  • Assembly/Leisure (D2)


  • Retail (A1)
  • Financial/Professional service (A2)
  • Cafe/Restaurant (A3)
  • Office (B1)

for a period of two years.

This can only be done provided the building is not listed and the floor space does not exceed 150 square metres.

If you wish to carry out this change you must notify the Council before the use is started. An email with the site address, the current use of the building, the intended use for the building and the proposed start / opening date must be sent to There is no charge for this notification.

Please note that this allowance is for the use only. Any proposed works to the building including the installation of an extraction system will require separate planning permission.