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Walking and cycling

Let’s get cycling

There is no time like now to start cycling – whether you are aged 5 to 95. This website is here to help you make those first moves, so let’s get cycling.

25,000 can’t be wrong

Bedford and the surrounding countryside  are ideal for cycling. We already have around 2,000 people cycling regularly to work and around 15,000 adult residents get on their cycles every week. Why not join them?

Not sure or new to cycling

Not made up your mind? Sounds like a good idea, but you're not really sure. Why not check out “reasons for not cycling”. Then if you’d like to know more, try looking at Cycling and your Heart.

Getting started will get you ready for your first cycle ride. Check out a map and make sure you know about the different kinds of roads, signs and markings you will meet. Practical tips should answer any other questions you have. If you have any other queries or questions, why not drop us a line?

Already cycling?

Good for you! And good for your health and heart!

Looking to meet other cyclists? Why not contact your local cycle group.

The main groups are

Many of them get together informally for fun or work and also organise cycle rides. 

Making our roads better for cycling

If you spot a problem while out cycling email the Highways Helpdesk or phone (01234) 718003. We’re working hard to make our roads better for cycling but we can’t be everywhere and we can’t fix it unless we know about it.

For Planners, Architects and Developers

Do you need to know more about Bedford Borough Council policy on cycling?

Check our cycle parking guidelines (PDF) and the detailed annexes (PDF) showing Use Class Orders and recommended spacing. Our page on cycle design should also be helpful.

Walking in Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire has a huge variety of wonderful places to walk, ride, picnic or simply unwind. A wealth of information is now available at Let's Go

Further information regarding walking in Bedford