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School travel initiatives

At Bedford Borough Council we want every child to have the opportunity to walk, cycle and use the bus as part of everyday life but particularly for making a safe journey to and from school. In doing this we hope young people in Bedford Borough will grow up to be healthy, confident adults with the ability to make independent travel choices whilst enriching their education and improving their local environment.

School travel plan

Developing a school travel plan is the first step in, helping your school achieve this by changing travel habits and reducing dependency on the private car.

A number of schools in Bedford Borough are currently working with our team of school travel advisors developing their plans. The aim is for all schools in Bedford Borough to have an effective travel plan in place.

Safer routes to schools projects

Bedford Borough Council is keen to support the development of safer routes to schools projects. The safer routes to schools programme aims to make physical changes to the environment around schools such as improved crossing facilities, traffic calming and the creation of school safety zones. These improvements can then be implemented as part of a school travel plan.

SMOTS Strategy

View the Sustainable Modes of Travel to School Strategy (SMOTS) (PDF).