Street lighting, road signs and bollards

Street lighting

You can report problems about street lighting such as:

  • knocked down or damaged
  • permanently on
  • not working
  • too bright

The more information you can give us the better. 

To report a street lighting problem, please use this form:

Report a street light problem

If the code on the street light starts with a Z please report this to the relevant developer or housing association and not Bedford Borough Council.

Road signs and bollards

You can report problems with road signs (including street name plates) and bollards such as:

  • damaged
  • knocked down
  • dirty
  • missing

If the road sign or bollard is illuminated, you can also let us know if the light is not working or if it is permanently switched on.

To report a road sign or bollard problem, please use this form:

Report a road sign or bollard problem

Any advertising sign fixed to lampposts and other street furniture may be illegal and we will remove them. We will only allow black on yellow signs to be erected in approved locations on the highway.

We have a policy regarding floral tributes and memorials (PDF) which are placed on the highway. This ensures respectful management of issues while maintaining road safety and appropriate highway maintenance.