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Register of modification applications and modification orders


  • Claim that public highway rights subsist along the way known as Guru Ravidass Lane off Ashburnham Road, Bedford. 
    Guru Ravidass Lane, Bedford Report to the Assistant Director of Environment and Communities 
    Associated plan Determined 13th February 2014 Order made on 10/03/14 
    Notice and Plan  
    Objection Period ends 25/04/14 
    Status - Objections received. Order sent to Planning Inspectorate for determination. 
    Refused by Secretary of State 12/05/2015 see Planning Portal link for details: Planning Portal
  • Claimed footpath/byway open to all traffic through garage parking area between Barton and Bamford Road, Bedford. Refused through Delegated Powers by Assistant Director - Cultural and Community Services (Bedfordshire County Council) 


  • Claim to upgrade Footpath 12 otherwise known as Days Lane, Biddenham to a Restricted Byway.
    Application dated 12 June 2020.  
    ApplicationMapDMMO Register Please note ‘INCOMPLETE APPLICATION’

Bolnhurst and Keysoe

  • Claim to upgrade Footpath No 10 and Part of Footpath No 16 Bolnhurst and Keysoe to Bridleway.
    Application dated 12 June 2020. 
    ApplicationMapDMMO Register Please note ‘INCOMPLETE APPLICATION’


  • The Footpath (known as Carriage Drive) has been used for so long by bicycles that it should be recorded as a Restricted Byway 
    Clapham FP 24 Report Date for Determination is 26th November 2013. Application refused. Applicant appealed 23/12/13. Appeal dismissed by Planning Inspectorate 30/06/2014


  • Claim that public highway rights subsist in Channels End, Colmworth, see map for detail. Application received 8 April 2015 
    Associated documents Refused through Delegated Powers 01/02/2019 

Cotton End

  • Claim to add bridleway from junction with Bridleway Nos 8 and 9 Cotton End to where it meets Exeter Wood.
    Application dated 24 August 2020.  
    ApplicationMapDMMO Please note ‘INCOMPLETE APPLICATION’

Kempston Rural

 Knotting and Souldrop

Melchbourne and Yielden

  • Claim to add bridleway link from Melchbourne and Yielden BW  M11 to Coppice Woods. Application dated 5 October 2020. 
    ApplicationMapDMMO Register 

Milton Ernest


  • Claim to add Byway Open to All Traffic from Church Lane, Odell to Byway Open to All Traffic No 4, Odell – also known as Yelnow Lane.
    Application dated 22/10/2020.
    ApplicationMapDMMO Register 





  • Claim to add bridleway from the junction with Bridleway No 7 Stagsden to the junction with Bridleway No 34, 36 and Footpath No 37 Kempston Rural. Application dated 24 August 2020. ApplicationMapDMMO Register Please note ‘INCOMPLETE APPLICATION’


  • Claim to add Bridleway link between Bridleways No 26 and 29 Staploe
    Application dated 16/02/2021. 
    ApplicationMapDMMO Register
    Notice served 05/03/2021
  • Claim to add bridleway linking Bridleway No 26 and Woodhouse Lane
    Application dated 30 October 2020.
    ApplicationMapDMMO Register 
    Notice served 05/03/21



  • Claim to add additional bridleway from Wood Lane, Willington connecting to Bridleway No 6, Willington. Application dated 12 June 2020. 
    ApplicationMapDMMO Register Please note ‘INCOMPLETE APPLICATION’


  • Claim to add additional bridleway connecting from junctions with Footpath No 17 and Bridleway No 16 Wilstead to Northwood End Farm at the County Boundary. Application dated 10 July 2020. 
    ApplicationMapDMMO Register Please note ‘INCOMPLETE APPLICATION’
  • Claimed addition of footpath along alley between Wilshamstead School and Telephone Exchange. Confirmed 18/08/2006



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