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Driveway Protection Marking

Driveway Protection Markings (also known as H-Bars) are advisory road markings which are denoted by a solid white line with end bars situated in front of a driveway.

These road markings are designed to make motorists aware that there is dropped kerb or vehicular access point in that section of road.

H-bar road markings are advisory road markings and have no legal status for parking enforcement to be carried out. However, it is an offence to park in front of dropped kerbs. If a vehicle blocks a driveway, the resident can request parking enforcement, by contacting Bedford Parking Service on 01234 718359. The enforcement officer will then visit the site and issue a Penalty Charge Notice for the offence (subject to available resource).

Requesting an H-Bar

Bedford Borough Council charges for the provision of carrying out assessments and undertaking of the necessary works involved with installing an H-Bar road marking.

An application must be made to the Council for this facility. In order for us to consider an application, your property must have an existing dropped kerb and drive way which leads to a place to where a vehicle can be stored off the public highway.


H-Bar assessment  -  £93.90 (non refundable)

H-Bar assessment for Blue Badge Holders - free of charge

H-Bar road marking (all applications) -  £112.60

Blue Badge holders

Applications for Blue Badge holders are exempt of the assessment fee. However, the Blue Badge holder must reside at the dwelling to where the road marking is to be instated. In addition, consent for us to liaise with the issuing authority of the badge must be given

To request an H-Bar application, please contact the Highways Helpdesk .

Tel: 01234 718003 or

The assessment

An assessment will be carried out within 10 working days of the receipt of the completed application together with the appropriate fee.

We must be satisfied that the vehicle is to be stored off the public highway. If this cannot be demonstrated, the application will be refused.

After the inspection, we will write to you to advise whether your application was successful. If successful, we will send you a form requesting your consent to carry out the works and a request for payment for the marking.

Installation of the road marking

Following receipt of your payment, we will endeavour to complete the works within two months. This is subject to the working conditions being appropriate i.e. weather conditions and providing the area is clear of parked vehicles.


Bedford Borough Council will be responsible for all future maintenance of the H-bar. The H-bar marking cannot be relocated and would be subject to a new application.

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