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Driver suitability assessment

The Council’s Driver Suitability Assessment process is designed to ensure that applicants have a good understanding of Taxi/Private Hire law, Safeguarding, Council Policy and the English language prior to receiving a licence.

The assessment is divided into 6 sections and will involve a ‘virtual’ meeting with an officer who will verbally ask 30 questions over a 60-minute period, with 2 questions requiring a written answer. You will be required to show your written answers to the officer and a screenshot will be taken of the answers to be kept on your file. Whilst the pass mark is 80% the tester does have discretion to fail an applicant regardless of this score based on public safety grounds.

Before you begin your assessment 

  • You will be required to show photographic ID either a Passport or DVLA licence.
  • You must demonstrate that you are alone in a quiet room and not to be disturbed for the duration of the assessment, otherwise it may be cancelled and you will have to book and pay the relevant fee to re-sit it. Only two attempts are permitted.

The questions will be in the following six categories:

  • General questions
  • Where are roads/places adjoining roads or reference to landmarks
  • Describe the route
  • Law
  • Conditions
  • Responsibilities 

The Officer conducting the test will advise you at the end as to whether you have passed or failed. The Officer’s decision is final and there is no appeal process. If you fail the Council’s Driver Suitability Assessment, you will not be able to retake the test for a calendar month and will have to pay the £42 retest fee.