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Private hire operator licence

Any person who plans to take pre-bookings for the carriage of passengers in licensed private hire vehicles, or who wants to be self employed driving a private hire vehicle, must first obtain a private hire operator’s licence from the local authority. If an employer holds a private hire operator’s licence this allows employees to drive private hire vehicles without obtaining their own private hire operator’s licence.

Before you apply for an operator licence 

Download and read carefully the following documents. These documents are also available from the Customer Service Centre

When you have read the guidance notes and believe that you will be able to meet the criteria for a private hire operator, you can proceed. If having read the documents you need further information please email your enquiry to us at

How to apply 

  1. Complete the application form and DVLA mandate. Provide details of all applicants where applicable.     
  2. Renewal applications must include booking records as stated in the guidance.
  3. Take the application form, together with the original supporting documents and the applicable fee to the Customer Service Centre.

Original right to work documentation and DBS certificate must be submitted at the Customer Service Centre for verification by a customer adviser. An application cannot be processed until the original Right to Work Documentation has been verified. 


The current fees are outlined in the fee schedule

Pay for a licence 

Pay for private hire operators licences

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