Housing complaints

We can help If you have a concern about your home, whether it is rented from a private landlord, a Housing Association or even if you are an owner occupier.

We offer a range of services to support everyone to stay in their home and be safe, comfortable and secure. 

Sometimes concerns and problems cannot be informally resolved so in these circumstances the best route to follow is to make a complaint or request assistance from the housing enforcement team.

Before reporting the complaint, make sure you have followed the advice on our getting repairs done page.

Service requests or complaints fall into these main areas:

  • your home has defects and is rented from a private landlord or a Housing Association
  • your home is affected by disrepair that originates from an adjacent property 
  • your home (all tenures) is affected by serious defects and you need advice on how to proceed
  • you have a defective drainage/sewerage problem (that is not Anglian Water responsibility) that cannot be resolved informally/through negotiation, where formal action may be applicable.
  • mobile home sites - site issues and individual units
  • long stay immigrants - property inspections and reports

To make a complaint or ask for service from the housing team you can:

  • Telephone 01234 718099 - housing complaints
  • Email ehadmin@bedford.gov.uk
  • Write to Housing Enforcement Team, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford MK42  9AP