Fire safety

Fire safety inspections

If you are concerned that your house does not have the right fire safety measures for the category of house and/or occupiers, please contact the housing team.

They will arrange for an inspection and give advice on the works required.

Phone 01234 718099 or email

For high-risk houses, the Fire Safety Officer from the Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is consulted on each case to ensure the risk assessment and any proposed works are designed to make the house and the occupants as safe as possible.

The Fire Safety Officer works closely with the housing enforcement team to identify and take action on rented houses where fire safety precautions are dangerous or below standard.

If more general works are required, but occupiers are not in imminent danger, then Improvement Notices are served which set out the works to be done and the appropriate timescale. Landlords who are improving vacant property or buying property for renting can get advice from the housing team on what measures are suitable for their individual property.

Emergency measures can include:

  • prohibition of all or part of the property which results in the closure of the property
  • emergency fire safety works to help occupiers stay put until more permanent works are done

Fire doors, alarm systems and testing guidance

We have developed specifications and guidance on fire doors, alarm systems and testing. These documents are aimed at landlords, builders, electricians and specifiers.