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Fixed Penalty Notices

Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) are issued by our Enforcement Officers for littering, fly-tipping, spitting, urinating, cycling in a restricted area and dog control order offences. See our full list of offences and penalties and FPNs explained for more details.

Our Enforcement Officers are employed either directly by us or by our contractor District Enforcement. Officers from District Enforcement wear a blue uniform with both the Council and District Enforcement logos, they also wear body worn CCTV cameras and carry photo ID.

Pay a Fixed Penalty Notice 

Our Enforcement Officers do not take payments. The FPNs they issue will tell you how much you have to pay, the payment due date, and if an early payment discount applies. 

You cannot pay by cheque or by instalments.

FPNs issued by Bedford Borough Council (6 digit reference number)

Pay Fixed Penalty Notice  

By phone: 01234 718060.

To pay by cash please call 01234 718060 for further information.

For FPNs issued by the Council's street enforcement contractor District Enforcement (9 digit reference number)

Pay Fixed Penalty Notice online

Or by automated phone line: 0203 131 3801 / 0151 647 0387

If you don't pay a Fixed Penalty Notice

If you refuse to pay the FPN, or choose to have the case heard at the Magistrates' Court (as is your right), you could receive a fine greater than the fixed penalty if convicted.

Disputing a Fixed Penalty Notice

You can query a FPN in the form of a 'representation'.

Representations must be made in writing and show the FPN was not issued correctly by law – for example, by proving it was issued to the wrong person.

Representations are not considered on the basis that you didn't know the law, you didn't know the law was being enforced or it was the first time you committed the offence. Representation for FPNs issued for leaving litter will not be considered on the basis there were no signs stating this was not permitted nor if there were no litter bins present.

To make representation for FPNs issued by District Enforcement (9 digit reference number), you can use the 'make a representation online' form:

Make a representation online

Or by phone: 0151 647 0387 or email

This email is to only be used to dispute a Fixed Penalty Notice, see here for Parking Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs).

To make representation for FPNs issued by Bedford Borough Council (6 digit reference number), email

Or by post:

Bedford Borough Council
Room 401
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP

You can make a complaint about the behaviour of the Enforcement Officer, however this will be dealt with as an internal complaint and the FPN will still have to be paid if issued correctly by law.

To complain write to the address above or email 

Can I appeal my FPN?

If you have received an FPN your only right of appeal if in a court. If you don't agree you committed the offence, the matter will be dealt with as a prosecution in court. It will be up to the court, on receiving evidence, to decide whether an offence was committed and if a penalty should be imposed.