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Market trader information

'Try Bedford'

We are always looking to attract keen new traders to enhance our popular markets. If you are new to market trading or just want to 'try Bedford', this is an ideal opportunity.

We are currently offering 4 free trading days to newcomers in our reserved 'Try Bedford' area.

Please contact the markets team for acceptable product lines and further details.

Enquiries from quality traders are always welcome.  Potential special/introductory offers may be available.

Please contact the Markets Team for more information:

Tel: 01234 718676/718677 or 07920 476032  Email:

Bedford Charter Market

  • Held: Every Wednesday and Saturday
  • Location: Harpur Square and St Paul's Square

Trading Times: 8:30am to 4pm (January-April) / 8:30am to 4:30pm (April-December)

  • A traditional market, everything from Fruit and Vegetables to luggage, clothes to vacuum cleaner bags, keys to batteries.
  • We have 100 pitches with up to 50 traders per market.
  • Traders must provide their own stalls.

Fees (per 10 foot pitch)

Wednesday Saturday
  Permanent traders   Casual traders   Permanent traders   Casual traders
  Zone A   £21.80   £24.60   £30.30   £34.10
  Zone B   £20.20   £22.80   £28.30   £31.90

NB: Extra Depth £6.10 per pitch / Parking £3.30 / Electricity £3.30 (where available)

Kempston General Market

  • Held: Thursdays and Sundays
  • Location: Saxon Centre forecourt outside Sainsbury’s

Trading times: 08:30 to 16:30

  • A traditional General Market.
  • There are 35 pitches with up to 15 traders per market.
  • Traders must provide their own stalls.


 Permanent Trader  Casual Trader
 10 foot pitch  £17.50  £19.25

NB: Pitch Parking £2 (where available) / Electricity £3.30 (where available)

Gourmet Market

  • Held: Thursdays
  • Location: Harpur Square / Midland Road Bedford, Town Centre

Trading times: 9.30am – 4pm

  • Food with a passion, gourmet food, speciality foods, locally produced foods, ethnic food, etc.
  • 55 pitches with up to 20 traders per market.
  • Bedford Borough Council provides the stalls.


 Permanent Trader  Casual Trader
 1st 10 foot pitch  £29.80  £33.60
 2nd 10 foot pitch  £17.70  £20
 3rd & subsequent 10 foot pitches  £12.20  £13.80

NB: Parking £3.30 (where applicable) / Electricity £3.30 (Where applicable)

Home and Garden Market

  • Held: Fridays
  • Location: Harpur Square

Trading times: 8:30am to 3:30pm

  • Bedding plants, cut flowers, hanging baskets, shrubs, etc., if it grows you can sell it. We also consider items linked to gardening, e.g. Ceramic pots, garden tools, garden furniture, books relating to gardening, we also welcome Arts and Craft items on the market.
  • Traders must provide their own stalls.


  April to July   August to March
  Permanent Trader   Casual Trader   Permanent Trader   Casual Trader
1st 10 foot pitch   £26.80   £30.20   £21.30   £24.00
2nd 10 foot pitch   £16.70   £18.80   £11.20   £12.60
3rd & more 10 foot pitches   £11.20   £12.60   £11.20   £12.60

NB: parking £3.30 (where available) / Electricity £3.30 (where available)

Farmers' Market

  • Held: 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
  • Location: Harpur Square
  • The market is boosted by the local Farmers’ Market with its local produce.
  • If you are interested in attending this market, please contact the Markets team directly on 01234 718676/718677

Technical information

  • All permanent Market traders are licensed on our markets.
  • Casual traders are requested to fill in an application form and provide public liability before trading can commence.
  • Your Casual Trader Registration Form will be kept on file for 6 months. If you have not heard from us within 6 months you will need to resubmit your Registration Form.
  • You will be requested to produce Public Liability insurance for £5 million when you are invited to stand. Contact your insurance broker to arrange the necessary cover. You may wish to contact the National Market Traders Federation Tel.01226 749021 or the Combined Market Traders Insurance Association Tel. 0208 554 5273 for Public Liability Insurance cover. There are also other providers of Public Liability Insurance.
  • There are always opportunities for local organisations and charities to take space on our Markets throughout the year. If you represent an organisation that would be interested in taking promotional space you will need to have valid public liability insurance up to five million pounds (£5,000,000), and provide all relevant method statements and risk assessments to the Market Officer before your activity takes place.

Market regulations (PDF)

Casual trader application form (PDF)