Charter rights

Bedford Borough Council holds Charter Markets by Royal Prerogative, which means we are permitted to undertake any Charter Market activities without a disturbance from other markets. The Royal Prerogative applies within 6 and 2/3 miles of Bedford’s Charter Market.

By law the definition of a market is as follows - a “concourse of buyers and sellers” a market will comprise not less than five stalls, stands, vehicles, whether moveable or not or pitches from which articles are sold. The term “market” includes car boot sales, antique and craft markets/fayres, general markets, farmers' markets, table top sales and charity markets.

Currently, with the exception of car boot sales being held for charity purposes, the Charter puts limitations on markets taking place within Bedford Borough.

The Council’s Markets team are more than willing to consider joint ventures or initiatives that are operated on a commercial basis and take place on Council land.

Market Charter