Your ceremony options

If you’re getting married, you can choose to have either a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony.

If you’re forming a civil partnership, you can have a civil ceremony, and you may be able to have a religious ceremony, please check with the religious building concerned.

Please go to GOV.UK’s plan your ceremony page to find out about religious and civil ceremonies.

If you choose a religious ceremony, an authorised person, such as a religious minister, must attend the ceremony and sign the ‘marriage schedule’ or ‘marriage document’.

Check with the venue if there is an authorised person. If not, you’ll need to book a registrar.

If you choose a civil ceremony, you must have at least two witnesses and a registrar must carry out, or be present at, your ceremony. You can book a registrar yourself or the venue may do this for you. Please check with the venue and if you need to book a registrar yourself, please go to our book a registrar for a marriage or civil partnership in Bedford Borough page.