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Within this section you can find information on what to do when there is a death, and further information about funerals, burials and cremations in Bedford Borough. 

Deaths and still births

Following legislation brought in by Government, the registration of a death or still-birth may, during the Coronavirus outbreak only be completed by telephone. We are not offering face-to-face appointments during this period. Please complete the online 'pre-registration' form The Registrar will then telephone you to complete the registration.

If they are available, please consult the following documents before you complete the online pre-registration form. 

  • passport
  • Council Tax bill or utility bill
  • driving licence
  • marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • birth certificate, deed poll document
  • NHS medical card

This will help the Registrar to make sure the record is correct. Don't worry if you can't find some of the documents, we can register the death without them as long as you know the information.

The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) will be sent to us direct electronically from the hospital or GP surgery. The form for the funeral director will not be given/sent to the informant. The Registrar will send the form for burial or cremation directly to the relevant burial or cremation authority according to where the funeral is to take place. (Show this information instead please)

We ask that the family or other qualified information please complete the online Pre-Registration information document below giving details of the deceased and to pre-purchase any copies of the death certificate they may require. Once we have checked this and have received the electronic copy of the MCCD and/or Coroners Paperwork we will telephone the informant to complete the registration.

The Registrar will send the form for burial or cremation directly to the relevant burial or cremation authority according to where the funeral is to take place. 

Complete the online pre-registration information document here 

Funeral services

In line with the Government’s guidance to slow the spread of coronavirus, a modest number of close friends and family of the deceased may attend.  A risk assessment has been completed and in order to observe social distancing 20 people can attend and be safely seated in the chapel. Funeral attendance is restricted to immediate family only. This means spouse/partner, parents/carers, siblings, children and their partners.

We respectfully ask you to observe the following:

  • family groups that live together can sit or stand together at the service
  • if you don’t live together, you must make space to meet the social distancing guidelines
  • the chapel attendant or funeral director are on hand to make sure this is followed and to keep everyone safe
  • family members are currently not able to take part in singing, carrying, lowering or placing soil on the coffin

Read our guidance for funeral services at Norse Road Chapel 

Funerals burials and cremations

We offer two sites for burial and cremation in Bedford Borough, Norse Road cemetery and crematorium and Foster Hill cemetery. You can find further information about these sites and the fees associated with funerals, burials and cremations

Bereavement services

We offer impartial help, support and guidance on all aspects of bereavement including memorialisation, funeral costs and financial support, funeral directors within Bedford Borough, and memorials.   

Funeral director booking page

Funeral directors can login and book a cremation service here.  


We provide a list of funerals and cremations within Bedford Borough.   

Contact Bereavement Services 

All Council buildings/premises in the Borough of Bedford require visiting members of the public to wear face coverings in line with Government guidance concerning mandatory face coverings in some enclosed public spaces, eg shops, supermarkets, public transport and hospitals, from 24 July (taking account of defined exceptions).

This measure does not replace social distancing and other control measures which are still required and are in place in all buildings/settings where employees and customers come into contact.

If you wish to see a member of staff at Norse Road crematorium and cemetery, you will need to make an appointment between the hours of 10am to midday or 2pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday. This will ensure staff will be available to help on request.

Telephone: 01234 718150

Bereavement Services
The Cemetery Complex
104 Norse Road
MK41 0RL