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Local Plan consultation response 256
9 August 2022
Stewartby Kempston Hardwick Parish Council
n/a consultation Planning Policy The representations received to the Plan for Submission consultation are now being processed and considered. Approval will then be sought from the Council’s Executive (4 January 2023) and Full Council (11 January 2023) to submit the plan to the Planning Inspectorate for examination in public (summer 2023).
Local Plan consultation response 248
4 August 2022
A Farrow
n/a consultation Planning Policy The representations received to the Plan for Submission consultation are now being processed and considered. Approval will then be sought from the Council’s Executive (4 January 2023) and Full Council (11 January 2023) to submit the plan to the Planning Inspectorate for examination in public (summer 2023).
Request Council to save Bedford Women’s Centre’s Domestic abuse support service. 590
2 March 2022
C Day
n/a Director of Adult Services Full Council 16 March 2022 RESOLVED:
This Council notes:
• Bedford Borough has published a domestic abuse strategy 2021 - 2026 that sets out how we will work with partners to eliminate all forms of domestic abuse, support survivors, and rehabilitate perpetrators.
• We have a strong local partnership across many statutory and voluntary organisations that are working together to deliver the outcomes of the strategy.
• Bedford Borough supports women to stay in safe accommodation and to be resettled in another home when need be. In line with the Government funding from the Domestic Abuse Bill we are also enhancing the support for survivors and their children whilst they are in safe accommodation.
• Ofsted said this in their recent report on Bedford Borough’s Children’s Services:
Families who are experiencing domestic abuse are supported well. Practitioners work to understand the impact this has on children and offer tailored support to meet their needs. When it is considered safe and in children’s best interests, attempts are made to also speak to the alleged perpetrator to seek their views and involve them in the work going forward to keep children safe. Parents are encouraged to engage with specialist community services available for both victims and perpetrators.
• The Women’s Centre were formerly supported by funding from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire which has not been awarded this year.
This Council believes:
• Every resident of Bedford Borough has the right to pursue a fulfilling and happy life without fear of intimidation, harassment, bullying or violence.
• The Women’s Centre do valuable work in the community to support women in their own homes who are experiencing abuse.
 This Council notes:
• Following a discussion between the Portfolio Holder and the Mayor, Bedford Women’s Centre will receive £20,000 from the COMF (Contain Outbreak Management Fund) Covid fund plus £6000 from the troubled families reserve fund.
 This Council resolves:
• To continue to work with the Women’s Centre towards a longer term solution
Remove grass verge on Highbury Grove in Clapham as cars drive over it and turning to mud which is not pleasant look. 21 Feb 2022
D Madera

Clapham: Cllr Walker

Director of Environment e-petition to 1 April 2022
The family of long serving Bedford Councillor Bob Elford, who died in 2009, would like a street in his name to recognise his 36 year service on the North Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough Councils. He was awarded the title of Honorary Alderman a week before he died. 223
21 Feb 2022
A Maxey
Cauldwell: Atiq and Sultan Director of Environment Full Council 16 March 2022 RESOLVED:
That the Council:
• Note the request by the petitioners and former Cllr Bob Elford’s tenure on Bedford Borough Council.
• Support the addition of Bob Elford to the list of potential street names for the area in and around the Cauldwell area, and
• Recommend that when a new development comes forward in this area, a road will be considered for naming after the former councillor, in consultation with his family, and that similar recognition may be considered for other exceptionally long-serving elected members if deemed appropriate.
Install Pedestrian Crossings in Wixams 178
14 Feb 2022
A Weaver
Wixams: Cllr Coombes Director of Environment Full Council 16 March 2022 RESOLVED:
That the actions taken and proposed be noted and that the Portfolio Holder for Environment, Highways and Transport be supported to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.
Traffic accidents: Junction of May Rd and Carlton Rd Turvey 118
9 Feb 2022
J Ludlow
Kempston Rural: Cllr Weir Director of Environment Full Council 16 March 2022 RESOLVED:
That the response on behalf of the Council to the petitioners be recognised and the actions already taken and proposed regarding parking, speed and changes to the road junction be supported.
Footpath To Putnoe Primary School To Be Made Bigger 84
7 Jan 2022
A Smith
Putnoe: Cllrs Headley and M Royden Director of Environment Full Council 2 February 2022 RESOLVED:
That the Council: thanks the petitioner and notes the concerns that have been raised concerning the footpath outside Putnoe Primary School; recognises that part of the land around the footpath leading to the school is owned by Putnoe Primary School who must be involved in any work taking place; and resolves to submit a scheme for future funding when a solution has been found that satisfies all parties which will be added to the Council’s list of resurfacing projects.
To request Council to adopt a policy so that when it uses properties as temporary accommodation it makes sure that no two are within 100m of each other. 78
30 Nov 2021
A Hart
Castle Ward: Cllrs Foley and Bywater Director of Adult Services Full Council 12 January 2022 RESOLVED:
That Council:
 • Notes the concerns of the petitioners and concerns of residents across the Borough when issues are raised relating to properties which provide temporary accommodation, run by private providers.
 • Notes the Midland Road Safer Streets Project and the collaborative working by the Council’s Community Safety Team with the police and other partners as well as the substantial investment in the area secured as part of the Town Deal.
 • Notes the Council has a statutory duty to secure suitable Temporary Accommodation immediately for anyone who it has reason to believe is eligible, homeless and in priority need.
 • Notes the rising demand for temporary accommodation, from 62 households in Temporary Accommodation in April 2016 and as of 12 January 2022, there are 340 households in statutory Temporary Accommodation.
 • Notes the legal restrictions on the Council’s powers
 • Notes that were the Council to stop using private providers of temporary accommodation then these providers would not cease to operate, but would likely be used by another organisation or even another local authority, reducing the voice of local residents.
 • Notes the comprehensive action taken by the council pre-Covid and during the pandemic to tackle homelessness – both in the short term and with long term support for those with complex needs. This includes the provision of temporary accommodation.
 • Notes the effective implementation of Article 4 restrictions enabling the density of HMOs to be a consideration in future planning applications but that this is not a retrospective power.
 • Resolves to work with ward councillors and key agencies, including the police, health and mental health partners, to continue to support people in need.
 • Resolves to continue to expand the Council’s ownership of and for provision of temporary accommodation to increase the Council’s ability to act on this and related issues.
Great Denham Golf Course @isn’tsurplustorequirements 503
13 Oct 2021
Cllr Weir
Kempston Rural: Cllr Weir Planning Policy Team This petition was put forward as part of the Local Plan consultation.
SAVE THE KICKABOUT! Say NO to Housing on this vital Green Space! 961
13 Oct 2021
Cllr Weir
Kempston Rural: Cllr Weir Planning Development This petition was put forward to Planning Development as part of the application process.
Objection to proposals to build on agricultural land in the Gibraltar Corner area that have been put forward in connection with Local Plan 2040. 8
Sept 2021
Kempston Rural: Cllr Weir Planning Policy Team This petition was put forward as part of the Local Plan consultation.
Glass recycling collection in Bedford and other areas without it. 71
12 August 2021
J Teer
n/a Director of Environment

Directorate response on 6 October 2021: thank you for your petition and time you have taken to highlight this to the Council.
The Council currently collects glass for recycling by means of a network of almost 50 glass recycling banks located across the district which collect the glass colour separated to ensure that high quality recycling is achieved. Glass is a unique material which I am sure you will know which can be recycled indefinitely with no loss of quality and without requiring the addition of extra raw material. As the Councils glass is collected in separate streams per colour it is currently able to be sent for remelt and made into new glass bottles and jars. It is harder to recycle glass collected as a single mixed colour stream and often such glass is sent to be reused as road surfacing instead of being recycled.

The tonnage of glass collected via the Council’s network of banks has increased steadily each year, 3,465 tonnes of glass was collected via the banks in 2020/21. A significant increase in tonnage was seen as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic driven by the closure of pubs and restaurants during lockdowns.

The last few years have seen a major update of Central Government waste policy. The Government’s aims and commitments have been outlined in the Resources and Waste Strategy 2018 and the forthcoming Environment Bill. However, there remains a considerable amount of uncertainty over exactly how those aims will be delivered by local authorities in practice. At the time of writing the government has recently ended three consultation exercises which may have a direct and considerable impact on the types and quantities of waste the Council is required to manage in the future, as well as how all that activity is funded.

The Government is committed to introduce packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) following a further consultation. This consultation focused on specific policy proposals for its introduction, including the scope of full net costs, producer obligations, scheme governance, regulation of the scheme, and packaging waste recycling targets. The proposals set out in the consultation document aim to ensure that the producers pay the full net cost of managing this packaging once it becomes waste. This is in line with the polluter-pays principle. The mechanism for how revenue generated from EPR levies gets back to local authorities, who incur the cost of collecting and treating such waste, has yet to be decided.

Moving towards a more circular economy, where resources are kept in use for as long as possible and waste is minimised, and ensuring the UK is a world leader in resource efficiency and resource productivity is a priority for Government. Across the UK, consumers go through an estimated 14 billion plastic drinks bottles, 9 billion drinks cans and 5 billion glass bottles a year. The UK Government made commitments to develop policy which works towards achieving these aims, not least through the development of producer responsibility proposals. Introducing a deposit return scheme forms a key part of these proposals, and has recently been consulted upon. Issues also consulted upon included which material streams will be targeted; how and who collects returned waste and methods for funding the scheme and collection costs.

Increasing consistency in recycling will reduce confusion in the materials that can be collected for recycling at the kerbside. The recent UK Government consultation detailed specific policy proposals for increasing consistency in recycling collected from households, businesses and other organisations. Issues consulted upon included the materials included in each recyclable waste stream, exemptions, statutory guidance and transition timelines for local authorities and businesses. Significantly, there has been limited information as to how such changes will be funded to enable recycling consistency to be implemented successfully.

Collection of glass should ideally be undertaken in vehicles with compartments to keep the glass separated by colour. Glass is an abrasive material once broken and vehicles often have shorter operational lives due to the higher wear and tear as well as requiring more frequent servicing requirements. Due to the weight of the material and payloads of vehicles, the number of properties that may be served by a glass collection vehicle is smaller than for other waste types which may be compacted leading to a higher number of vehicles being required to service all eligible properties. The type of collection container also required careful consideration, manual handling guidelines preclude certain types of containers and collection methods being used to reduce musculoskeletal injuries to collection operatives.

At this moment in time, there is significant uncertainty regarding government waste policy on packaging EPR, deposit return schemes and kerbside recycling. Given the high additional cost of operating such schemes, and the associated increase in carbon emissions for Council operations inherent in the introduction of such a service, it would be most unwise to introduce such a service at this very time.

The Council, however notes the support for a kerbside glass collections scheme, and will continue to explore and investigate any opportunities that may arise for the introduction of such a scheme as government policy develops.

Against Removal of the Wixams Academy 6th Form Provision 279
K Warner
e-petition to 8 June 2021
Cllr Coombes
Director of Children’s Services Full Council debate 14/7/21:
That this Council notes:
Bedford Borough Council is committed to working with parents, Wixams Academy and Bedford College Multi Academy Trust to ensure that 6th form provision is available at Wixams, in line with the agreed contract between the Department for Education and the Trust.
The Chief Education Officer is meeting with the new Chief Executive Officer of the Multi Academy Trust next week and will stay in contact with Wixams parents throughout the next year to provide updates about the 6th form developments, and to ensure parents and pupils views influence the MATs planning and decision making.
This Council resolves:
• To champion the education of all children in Bedford Borough, with the addition of a 6th form provision starting in September   2022 at Wixams Academy, to meet the needs of local residents.
• To commit to work with the school, Multi Academy Trust and Central Bedfordshire Council to secure further education provision in Wixams to meet the growing demand.
Stop proposed building development 20/02436/EIASCP - Land Off Canberra Road Shortstown known locally as College Farm 361 at 23 March
Cotton  End Residents Group
A Murray
e-petition to 1 April 2021
Cllr Gallagher
Director of Environment To be referred by petitioner as part of planning process
Bedford Borough Council's support for East West Rail Route E 1906
2 Feb  2021
S Arnold
e-petition to 16 March 2021
n/a Director of Environment Full Council debate 24/2/21:
Council notes:
1. That the decision on the preferred route corridor has been taken, by the East West Rail Company and the government, following a public consultation and engagement process in 2019.
2. Bedford Borough Council promoted the public consultation to local residents, including making clear its preferred route, supported by all parties on the Council.
3. The Council’s preference for the route of East West rail to pass through Bedford Midland station is long established, including through local development scheme documents dating back to 2011, and throughout the Local Plan 2030 plan-making process. These processes included extensive, repeated rounds of public consultation.
4. The Council’s preference is based on many reasons, including the £6.23m (12%) greater annual economic benefit of a Bedford Midland route over a route to the south of the town, and the greater number of Bedford Borough residents who will benefit from the work and leisure opportunities presented by East West Rail.  
5. East West Railway Company concluded that the preferred route “delivers the best value for the taxpayer, returning the most benefit for every pound spent” and “It was the most popular option with people who responded to our consultation” and finally that “It delivers the best opportunities for the environment.”
6. The selection of a route via Bedford has enabled progress to be made on the much-needed Wixams station, while a southern route would have likely been fatal to it.
7. A new consultation on the route alignment is expected from the East West Railway Company in the next few weeks.
Council resolves that the Executive is asked:
a. To maintain Bedford Borough Council’s commitment to work to minimise the disruption to local residents and the natural environment during the construction and operation of East West Rail.
b. To promote the East West Railway Company’s forthcoming public consultation on the alignment of the line between Bedford and Cambridge, and to encourage Bedford Borough residents to take part.
c. To lobby for the full electrification of the railway, including recognising the benefits of a quieter electrified railway.
Flood defences in Bedford Borough 661
13 January 2021
Cllr Weir
n/a Director of Environment Full Council debate 24/2/21:
That the Council receives the petition, and acknowledges all the good work that consistently exists in protecting our residents and businesses in the Borough. The Council will set up a water management forum to include Councillors that will facilitate the promotion of good practice in and around our communities in relation to flood risk and communicate effectively with all partners and communities on all aspects of water management