Voter ID requirements

From May 2023, voters will need to show an accepted form of photographic identification (photo ID) in order to receive their ballot paper(s) to cast their vote in a polling station at: 

  • UK Parliamentary general elections
  • Recall petitions
  • local elections in England
  • local referendums in England
  • Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Wales

Electoral identity document

The majority of voters will already have an accepted form of ID. Please check the full list of accepted photo ID.   

If a voter does not have an accepted form of ID they can obtain a newly created form of ID for election purposes called an electoral identity document which can be obtained online from GOV.UK or their local authority, depending on the type of electoral identity document required. There will be three types of this new electoral identity document:

  • the Voter Authority Certificate – previously referred to as the voter card
  • the temporary Voter Authority Certificate, which EROs will have the discretion to provide in contingency situations
  • the Anonymous Electors Document, for use by anonymous electors only

Apply for photo ID to vote (Voter Authority Certificate)

If you do not already have an accepted form of ID you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate to use in future elections and referendums.

More information on updated voter ID legislation