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If you have a learning disability and want to increase the ability to find a job and keep it, then the Supported Employment Service may be able to help. 

Supported employment:

  • supports people with disabilities in regards to ongoing employment (paid and voluntary).
  • assists with obtaining and maintaining employment.
  • has job coaches to help aid with development and retention of employment
  • provides transportation, use of technology, specialised job training, and individually tailored supervision.

If you have a learning disability and can work more than 16 hours per week

If you have a learning disability and can work more than 16 hours per week, then contact Bedford Job Centre Plus and ask for the work coach to help you find work

Bedford Jobcentre Plus
Wyvern House
Bromham Rd
Bedford MK40 2EH
Telephone: 0845 604 3719

If you have a learning disability and can work 16 hours or less per week

If you are looking for employment for 16 hours or less per week, you should contact the Adult Learning Disability Team on 01234 276762.

They can give you an assessment, and if you are eligible then you can be referred to the Supported Employment Service.

Supported employment aims and objectives

  • support people in a wide range of employment settings
  • raise awareness among employers of the employment needs of people with disabilities and the positive contributions they can make to the workplace
  • create the right opportunities for personal development and career progression
  • provide vocational guidance and advice 
  • contact and negotiate with employers on your behalf
  • establish paid work opportunities and work experience/volunteering 
  • provide training and job coach support
  • monitor placements – gathering and sharing feedback from you and your employer
  • support your career progression
  • get the correct advice about the impact of paid work on your benefits