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Money, benefits and legal

Social care, unlike health care, is not free for everyone.

Most people will have to pay something towards the cost of their care with some people having to pay the full cost.

Your Personal Budget is an amount of money which is available to spend on your agreed support needs, to help you live an independent and fulfilling life.

Direct payments are cash sums we pay to people so they can buy the care and support they need. 

Personalised support services are offered by organisations to help you manage your money.

Employing your own care and support is normally called employing a personal assistant.

A range of legal matters advice on wills, how to get legal aid, and Lasting Power of Attorney. 

An advocate is someone trained to listen and help you to speak up. Read more in:
Advocacy overview RPR (PDF)
Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (PDF)                      

Mental capacity is about the ability to make decisions about lots of things in our lives. And sometimes, people may be considered to be lacking capacity for a specific decision.

Your liberty can only be taken away from you in very specific situations. The Mental Capacity Act calls this a deprivation of liberty