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Bedford Independent Living Team

Main purpose

The Bedford Independent Living Team offers community based support to service users within the local area. Generally service users live independently in their own homes holding tenancies with a variety of housing associations. Service users have a named key worker and individual support plans. Support can include any or a combination of support around areas of finance, budgeting, shopping, domestic chores, health and care appointments. The team also offer individually based training which can include areas such as bus training / road safety training, personal care or any other life skills areas. On average the majority of service users receive support sessions once or twice a week. In addition one of the team’s main areas of work includes the completion of a living skills assessment which provides an insight into service user’s strengths and weakness related to their independent living skills and provides the foundation for support and / or training for the individual from either the team or other commissioned service providers.

What we offer

Huddleston Way is a supported living project which is short term; for up to 3 years. Tenants are supported and through training programmes learn the skills necessary for living independently in the community. These skills could be in budgeting, shopping, cleaning, laundry etc. Tenants will develop their skills over time until they reach a point when they can move on into another flat in the community. Tenants hold their tenancy with Raglan Housing Association.

The community teams offer assessment, training and support to service users living who independently in the community.

How to make contact

Referrals are accepted through social work/community health teams.

Care Quality Commission information


Contact Bedford Independent Living team


Domiciliary Care Agency

Tel: 01234 408719

16 Huddleston Way
MK41 9RW

Borough Hall

Tel: 01234 228838

Bedford Independent Living Team
Room 019
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP

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