Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme

Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme allows parents, carers or guardians in Bedfordshire to ask the police whether a person who has significant contact with their child or young person has a record for sexual offences against children. It is also known as Sarah's Law.

If police or checks with partner agencies show that the individual in question does have a record of sexual offences against children, or other offences that might put a child or young person at risk, consideration will be given to sharing this information with the parent, carer or guardian.

Members of the public can approach the police with concerns about a named individual and all concerns will be investigated. However, where it is considered necessary and appropriate to release information, such disclosure will only be made to the parent, carers or guardian directly - not to the third party who made the initial enquiry.

Information will only be disclosed to a parent, carer or guardian when providing such information will increase protection for a child or young person.

Read more about the Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme on the Bedfordshire Police website.

How will this service help to protect children in Bedfordshire?

This service enables parents, carers or guardians to request information about people involved in their child's life if they are concerned that he or she might be a registered child sexual offender - for example, if a single parent wants to find out more about their new partner.

It does not replace checks done by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

How can this service help?

This service will help because disclosure, were appropriate, to carers, parents or guardians could help increase protection for a child or young person.

Only 20 per cent of child sexual offences are carried out by strangers. The majority of child sexual offenders are known to their victims. They are often a member of the family, a friend of the victim, or a friend of the victim's family.