Needs assessment

Before we can meet your needs for care and support, we have to see if you are eligible, following an assessment of your care needs. 

Anyone who lives in Bedford Borough and is over the age of 18, can ask for an assessment if they feel they need care and support. 

The self-assessment form is for Bedford Borough residents only. If you are unsure if your address comes under Bedford Borough, please check your postcode on GOV.UK's find your local council tool.

We will meet your needs if an assessment shows:

  • your needs relate to physical or mental impairment and/or illness
  • you are unable to carry out two or more day-to-day activities
  • there is likely to be a significant impact on your wellbeing as a result of the first two

Assessing your need for care or support

How to get an assessment

There are three ways you can choose to arrange an assessment. Please only pick one of the following options to arrange an assessment:

Complete a self-assessment form

You can fill out and complete an online self-assessment form:

Complete the self-assessment form

Please note, If you are a carer, you can ask for a carer's assessment. This is so we can help identify your needs and how they can be met

Make an online enquiry

Visit our Adult Social Care page to make a general enquiry online to ask for an assessment.

Contact our Adult Services team

You can call our Adult Services team on 01234 276168 to get an assessment.

If you would like to find more information about the Adult Services team, visit our Adult Social Care page.

How much does it cost?

The assessment does not cost anything.

If a particular service is recommended to meet your needs, you may have to pay some or all of the cost. This will depend on your financial situation and the type of service offered.

You will have a financial assessment to calculate the amount you have to pay, if anything, towards your support. Find out more on our money, benefits and legal page.

We will provide information and advice, including information on organisations that can support you if your needs are not eligible under the Care Act.


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