Sometimes an illness or crisis can affect your independence and confidence in carrying out everyday activities. You may require short-term intensive help to regain skills or find new ways of doing things. We call this reablement.

We can offer practical help and encouragement to improve your confidence in your abilities. We work with adults across Bedford Borough whose independence may be at risk if they do not receive this service from us. 

Our Reablement Team are specially trained to look at helping you to regain skills, find new ways of doing things, providing encouragement or improving your confidence with your activities of daily living.

Find out if reablement is right for you

When you contact us, you will be asked a series of questions about your current situation including your health. Through this discussion, we will find out if you can benefit from reablement. If so, you will be referred on to the Reablement Team.

Steps to reablement

When we receive your referral a co-ordinator will visit you to complete an assessment and see how you are managing at present. They will talk through with you what you would like to achieve and then agree a support plan specifically constructed to achieve these individual goals. We will then give you a copy of this plan.

The re-ablement support workers will work with you at home to achieve these goals and promote your independence. At first we may need to visit you several times per day, but as you progress the number of visits may reduce. Our co-ordinators will continue to review and amend your support plan regularly.

How long am I entitled to the service?

The Reablement Team will support you for up to six weeks, but may finish sooner if you are making good progress. Our co-ordinators will review your ongoing progress and change your support plan as needed.

We hope that the intensive support you receive will mean that you need less help or even no support to live independently.

If you need ongoing support the Reablement Team will ensure that they discuss with you how you feel your needs can be best met.

Reablement costs

There is no charge for our service for up to six weeks. However, if you need ongoing support charges may apply. Your allocated social worker / community support worker will discuss our financial assessment process with you to identify whether you qualify for financial assistance.

The Reablement team are a registered agency with the Care Quality Commission.

The Reablement team are a registered agency for Personal Care with the Care Quality Commission, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE14PA.