If you care for someone with a learning disability

Caring for a family member or a friend with a learning disability is usually a lifelong experience. 

You may live with the person you care for, or they may live somewhere else. We can support you, as well as the person you care for. 

A carer is a person is unpaid and has a personal, ongoing relationship with the person who has a learning disability. The person a carer supports may live at home with them, or live elsewhere.

Carer's assessments

As a carer you may provide support with many things including personal care, helping someone to get out and about, emotional support, support with money matters and advocacy.

Caring for someone may affect parts of your everyday life, for example, your health and emotional wellbeing, your ability to access to training and work or the time you have to yourself.

If caring for someone is having an impact, you may want to consider having a carer's assessment. This is an opportunity for you to talk about your caring role and what needs you may have so you can get the right sort of help to assist you.