Adoption support

Three brothers aged 2-7 years

The support you and your child (or children) need will change over time and will be unique to you and your new family.

Our continuous support throughout your adoption journey means we will work in partnership with you from the beginning.

Support for adoptive families

There may be times throughout your child's life when you would find it helpful to talk to someone outside of the family about issues relating to adoption, for example:

  • wanting some ideas about how to talk to your child about adoption
  • needing advice on how to react to and cope with your child's feelings about his or her adoption
  • concern about pre-agreed contact arrangements with birth family

We can offer:

  • meet ups with other adopters and adoptive families
  • groups and workshops to help explain adoption to your children
  • support with contact arrangements
  • discussion and support on any aspect of adoption, for example, your child's health and educational needs
  • an assessment of your adoption support needs at any time until your child reaches the age of 18 (or 25 if they have special educational needs or a disability)

Our Adoption Team are happy to talk to you to discuss your individual support needs. 

Please get in touch with us on 01234 718718 or email

Support for adopted adults

If you are an adult aged 18 and over, you can apply for access to information about your birth origins.

If you were adopted before 1975 you must speak to a local authority social worker or a counsellor from an approved adoption agency before you can apply to the General Register Office for a copy of your original birth certificate.

Visit GOV.UK's adoption pages for more information and forms.

We offer support to adopted adults who:

  • live in Bedford
  • were adopted through Bedford Borough Council (although contacting the Adoption Team in your own local authority who will liaise with us is a quicker process)
  • have applied for their original birth certificate and have chosen Bedford as the place to have their counselling, and have informed the General Register Office of this research

Accessing information

If you decide you want access to information from your adoption file, we can help support you with:

  • advice and information about how to access your adoption records
  • advice about contact registers
  • advice about searching methods

Support for birth relatives

Adoption has a profound effect on all birth family members. In recognition of this, we provide the following support services:

  • independent counselling for birth family members
  • support with contact arrangements

If you would like to access these services, please call us on 01234 718718 or email

Adoption Contact Register

The National Adoption Contact Register run by the General Register Office, is where the names of birth relatives can be placed to request contact with an adult adopted person.

Pregnant and thinking about adoption?

If you are thinking about adoption for your baby, please contact us on 01234 718718 or email for advice and support. 

Alternatively, you can visit the CoramBAAF website for further information.