Sandra and Gary's adoption story

We adopted our daughter at six months old having gone through Bedfordshire Borough Council. She is now 11, a tweenager!

Our experience was and remains a great one. We went through the whole process in 18 months. Although the transition was really smooth, the handover from foster carer to us was only four days. We had a five-day course which was really helpful and I remember being told that adoption is parenting plus.

Even she though was a baby the issues we have had so far have been relatively few compared to some. But, we have still had issues, and have been persistent and successful in dealing with her. 

Her journey has become ours and has led to a career change for me.

One of the best bits of information that I hand on is to say that we have drip fed our daughter with the idea that she is adopted and specially chosen. We are truly blessed to have her.

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