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Please read the following information carefully before completing the PEP (Personal Education Plan). 

All children in care must have a Personal Education Plan as part of their care plan. The care plan is incomplete without a current PEP. The PEP should be initiated by the child’s social worker, in partnership with the designated teacher for looked-after children at the school.

PEP meetings should take place when a child/young person changes schools and also within 20 working days of them becoming Looked After.

A PEP plan is: 

  • is a record of educational progress
  • Is a way of promoting the educational achievement of a young person in care. 
  • is a mechanism for consulting, listening to and involving the young person in their educational progress
  • process should strengthen joint working
  • is intended to enhance continuity and raise the expectations and self esteem of the young person
  • acknowledges achievement and celebrates success

Completing a PEP plan 

A PEP is organised between the social worker and the designated teacher. The attendees of the meeting vary depending on the child/young person’s situation but may include: parents, carers, the Virtual School and any other professional who may know the child/young person. It is the duty of the social worker to invite the attendees of the meeting.

Bedford Borough Virtual School uses Welfare Call for completion of all PEPs. PEPs must take place a minimum of 3 times per year, but can take place more often if needed.

All of our PEPs are completed online via Welfare Call, if you need login details to access the system please email the Virtual School at